1. Do a good job of market research, project feasibility study and preliminary planning in the early stage of project development to provide accurate basis for the company's decision-making.

2. Accurately grasp the development trend of market change and product development direction, determine the market positioning and product positioning of development projects; provide accurate market information for product development and design, and ensure that the products developed and designed meet the market demand.

3. Promotion of project planning, promotion strategy and formulation of advertising creativity.

4. Assist leaders in drafting the company's investment and development strategy, investment and development plan, etc., and be able to complete the work in an orderly manner according to the project development schedule.

5. Be able to set an example to complete important work, effectively explore the potential of employees and give full play to the team spirit of the Department.

6. The ability to integrate various superior resources, strengthen the management of customer relationship, and maintain the company's image and interests.

7. To strengthen the management, we should have goals and plans, monitor the process, evaluate the results and feed back information in time.


1. Major in advertising, marketing, economy or enterprise management;

2. Strong ability of planning, organization, implementation, training, management, negotiation, internal and external communication and coordination;

3. Have a strong market perception ability, and a keen grasp of market dynamics and market direction;

4. Originality, quick thinking, strong innovation ability, strong brand marketing planning ability;

5. Strong writing ability, team building ability, communication ability, execution ability and creative thinking;

6. Honest, upright and responsible