Job responsibilities are as follows:

1. Market Research

Understand customer demand, market situation, industry competitors, innovate or improve products;

2. Product definition and design.

Product definition refers to what needs to be done from the beginning to the completion of product sales, usually described by product requirements documents, including product vision, product target market, competition analysis, product functions, product use cases, system requirements, performance requirements, sales and support requirements, etc.

Product design refers to product appearance and user experience. Product design is the most valuable part of product manager's work. In large companies, PM manager often completes product design together with design department.

3. Project management. To develop and release products within the budget time, the product manager is required to lead personnel from different teams, such as R & D, quality assurance, design, marketing, sales, etc., to carry out the following work: resource investment, project planning, tracking project progress, identifying key paths, additional investment, emergency handling, reporting project progress to leaders;

4. Product promotion, which includes internal and external promotion of products to leaders and colleagues, and external promotion of products to media, industry analysts and users.

5. Publicity and promotion of the product market.

6. Management activities within the product life cycle. It mainly includes product positioning, product pricing and promotion, product line management, making competition strategy, establishing partners, identifying and establishing cooperation relationship, etc.

Capability of PM Product Manager

A good PM product manager should have the following abilities:

1. Communication ability

2. Leadership. An excellent product manager is an excellent leader. The product manager needs to lead people from all departments. Usually, the product manager is not authorized by the leader, but the leadership ability of the product manager in the unauthorized state reflects his probability of success.

3. Learning ability, sometimes the product life cycle is very short, an excellent product manager needs continuous learning and improvement, and acquiring knowledge and new technology is the basis for product managers to develop new products.

4. Business sensitivity. An excellent product manager can always grasp the pulse of the market and seize the market opportunity to launch new products successfully because he has a very sensitive business sensitivity and can put forward winning product strategies and promotion strategies.

5. Love the health care product industry. Only those who love the health care product industry will continuously try new products, and constantly improve and innovate.

6. Pay attention to details and pursue perfection. Detail is a key factor to determine the success or failure of a product. An excellent product that pays attention to detail is a prerequisite for success.

7. Daily product management ability, including writing market demand document (MRD) and product demand document (PRD), analyzing competition, planning product roadmap, making product presentation PPT, analyzing product data, etc.

Qualifications of PM Product Manager

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy or health care industry is preferred;

2.5 above product development experience, with many successful cases;

3. Be familiar with relevant industry knowledge and relevant laws and policies;

4. Good communication and coordination skills.

Career development of PM Product Manager

PM is generally developed by product specialists. The career development direction of PM is senior product manager and product director.